What's midas?
MIDAS is an interactive advertising directory that provides information, marketing and brand support for shoppers, retailers and mall operators.

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For decades, malls have been for more than shopping. Malls are a place for people to explore, socialize and be entertained. With the advent of the internet, some shoppers have taken to exploring, shopping and socializing from the comfort of their homes and mobile devices.

The Media Interactive Directory and Advertising System, MIDAS, uses multi-touch technology, wifi connectivity, mobile platform integration, and an intuitive user interface to help shoppers explore every corner of the mall in much the same way they have become accustomed to doing online and on their mobile devices.

MIDAS provides interactive mall maps, directories and gives retailers a cost effective way to extend their advertising reach beyond any static directory or brochure. With MIDAS, store listings are dynamic, so shoppers can be presented with relevant store information at any time.

The home screen of the MIDAS is a powerful platform that provides marketing and brand support for retailers and easy and convenient options to enhance shopper experience.

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    The general directory provides the following information options:
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